• Backup, backup, backup--the three most important words in computing. If you keep a good backup of your data, whether business or personal, you can survive any hardware failure or malware attack. With a good backup you can be up and running in no time. Let CrexTechs help you setup a backup system to suit your needs. Read More
  • To avoid hardware failure, be sure your surge protection is adequate and less than three years old. We carry a surge protection units to suit every need. Need to stay up and running even during a power outage? Let CrexTechs help you with the appropriate battery backup solution. Read More
  • Computing is moving more and more to tablets and handheld devices that can go anywhere with you and still have the power and functionality you need. Thinking about a tablet or a smart phone? Stop in and let us know what you are thinking about. We can show you some devices and how they work. We can order what you Read More
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We sell a variety of brands including our custom computers which are assembled right here in Grantsburg, WI. All of our custom computers are built with high quality parts selected for a well rounded computer.

The computers we sell come with a CLEAN install of Windows.  We DO NOT install trial software like the big box stores. So you can expect a clean fast experience from the start. We will set up your computer with all the software you need, and all essential utilities for a full featured computing experience.

Need an existing machine upgraded with a bigger hard drive, a backup drive, more RAM, better sound or video? Bring it in and we will do the upgrade.