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First click on START, and then click on All Programs.  Then locate Windows Updates in the list, and click on it.
When you click on Windows Updates it will open a Internet Explorer windows.  In Windows XP you have to use Internet Explorer to update windows.
When it opens click on Express.
It will then look for updates for your computer.  This can take a few minutes.
Once it is done installing you will be shown the list of updates that are ready to be installed. "If any"  Just click install Updates, and windows will start downloading and installing the updates.
Sometimes Windows will ask you to accept the license terms befoer you can install the updates.   just click I Accept to continue.
Windows will then show the progress of Windows Updates.  This can take some time depending on how many updates there were.
Once it is done installing the updates it often will ask you to restart your computer.  You should always restart your computer after you have updated it to make sure everything is working properly.
Crextechs hopes this tutorial will help you keep your Windows XP computer up to date.